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Privacy Policy & Personal Data

The User of the “Web Site”, who interacts and provides for digital registration, his/her personal data, has the right to know, update and rectify all the information that is stored or collected in the databases managed by Be Better Developers SAS through the interaction functions of the published Web Services.

This right is contemplated in Law 1581 of 2012 of the Republic of Colombia, known as the General Regime for the Protection of Personal Data, in which, in addition, the principles and obligations that all those who carry out the processing of personal data have to guarantee the protection of the fundamental right of habeas data are pointed out. In addition, this law is in accordance with the international regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applied to software application services through the Internet.

In this sense and in order to facilitate the understanding and compliance with said law, the functionalities of digital services that require the User to register data, will request the User, before the storage of his/her data, to read, know and confirm the approval of this document as a sign of “Authorization” granted as User of the data provided for the relations established with the company Be Better Developers SAS. This procedure will make it easier for those responsible and in charge of the processing of personal data at BE Be Better Developers SAS, to comply with specific obligations regarding the handling of personal information, such as: requesting and keeping a copy of the authorization granted by the owners for the processing of their personal information and the information to be provided to them, having this personal information processing policy available to the owners and having a privacy notice, when it is not possible to make the processing policy available to the owners directly.

Be Better Developers SAS is committed to the application of Law 1581 of 2012 and its regulatory decrees that indicate the obligations in charge, which must be taken into account in all activities carried out, to the extent that involve the processing of personal data of the User. Below are concepts and terms of reference that the User must be aware of in this data processing relationship.

  • – Request and keep a copy of the authorization granted by the owners for the processing of their personal information and the information to be provided to them,

    – To have this policy for the treatment of personal information, which must be available to the owners, and

    – To have a privacy notice, when it is not possible to make the treatment policy directly available to the holders.

    – To know the following frequently asked questions and their answers:

To whom will we give your data?

Be Better Developers SAS may transfer or communicate personal data in order to fulfill its obligations to the Public Administrations in the cases required in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time and, if applicable, also to other bodies such as the State Security Forces and Corps and the Judiciary.

What rights do you have as a data subject?

As the owner of the data, you have the following rights:

Right of access. The User has the right to obtain from Be Better Developers SAS information about whether personal data concerning him/her are being processed, to access them and to obtain information about the processing carried out.

Right to obtain a copy of your personal data.

Right of rectification. The User has the right to have Be Better Developers SAS rectify his/her personal data in case they are inaccurate or incomplete.

Right of deletion. The User has the right to proceed to the deletion of the data when they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were provided or when the rest of the circumstances provided by law.

Right to portability. USERS have the right to receive personal data concerning them in a structured format, provided that such data concerns exclusively the USER and has been provided by the USER.

For what purposes do we process your personal data?

In Be Better Developers SAS we process the information you provide us with through the different forms or contact addresses expressed in the “Web Site” in order to manage the sending of the information you request or to manage the registration or subscription for the reception of any service.

The User is informed that Be Better Developers SAS may process the personal data provided to us through the online forms, or contact addresses indicated, for the purposes specified below, to the extent that there is a legal basis for each treatment as explained below:

  • – Channel the information requests made through the contact forms of the “Web Site”.

    – Send quotations requested through the forms or contact addresses indicated on the “Web Site”.

    – Sending periodic newsletter to USERS who have requested registration in this service by filling out the form provided for this purpose in the “Web Site”.

    – Inclusion in the personnel selection processes of Be Better Developers SAS that best fit their profile with respect to those USERS who have sent us their curriculum vitae through the means indicated in the “Web Site”.

What is the legitimacy on which Be Better Developers SAS bases the processing of your data?

We base our legitimacy on the free and voluntary contribution of the User’s contact data in order to attend any of the requests indicated in the previous section.

In each communication we send you, Be Better Developers SAS will remind you how to revoke your consent with effect from the moment you exercise it.

How long will we keep your personal data?

Your data will be kept for the minimum time necessary for the proper provision of the requested service, as well as to meet the possible responsibilities that may arise from it and any other legal requirement.

With respect to requests for information or quotations, we will retain the data for the time necessary to fulfill your requests and will be deleted after one year has elapsed since the last communication.

The data of the User who has formalized the registration in any service (newsletter, mailing lists, etc.), until they unsubscribe from them.

What is the Glossary of Concepts and Terms?

  • – Authorization for the processing of personal data

It is the consent given by any User so that the company or persons responsible for the processing of information can use his personal data. For this to be done, the organization responsible for the processing of the data must adopt internal procedures to request the authorization of the owner, at the latest at the time of the collection of the information. The law is clear when it states that “the prior, express and informed consent of the owner” is necessary, that is, that the owner of the information approves and knows for what and how such information will be used.

  • – Collection of personal data

The collection of personal data is the process of capturing and recording such data and must have a legitimate and certain purpose, i.e., a rationale for the collection. In addition, the data collected must be relevant and adequate to achieve that purpose.

  • – Holder information

The company requesting the data must obtain the consent of the owners for the processing of their information, whoever collects personal data must clearly and expressly inform the owner of the following:

  • – The treatment to which the personal data collected will be subjected and the purpose of the same.

    – The rights that the owner of the information has.

    – The identification, physical or electronic address and telephone number of the organization or person responsible for data processing.

  • – Privacy Notice.

It is the communication option provided by law to inform the owners of the information, the existence and ways to access the policies of treatment of information and the purpose of its collection and use.

  • – Personal information.

This is any information that is linked to or can be associated with a specific person, such as his or her name or identification number, or that can make him or her identifiable, such as his or her physical features.

  • – Public data.

It is one of the existing types of personal data. Public data includes, among others, data relating to the marital status of individuals, their profession or trade, and their status as merchants or public servants. By their nature, public data may be contained, among others, in public records, public documents, official gazettes and bulletins, and duly executed court rulings that are not subject to confidentiality.

  • – Semi-private data.

These are data that are not of an intimate, reserved or public nature and whose knowledge or disclosure may be of interest not only to the owner but also to a certain sector or society in general. Financial and credit data from commercial or service activities are some examples.

  • – Private data.

Es el dato que por su naturaleza íntima o reservada solo es relevante para el titular. Los gustos o preferencias de las personas, por ejemplo, corresponden a un dato privado.

  • – Sensitive data.

They are those that affect the holder’s privacy or may result in discrimination, i.e., those that reveal their racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in trade unions, social organizations, human rights, as well as data relating to health, sex life, and biometric data, among others.

  • – Database.

Organized set of personal data that are subject to processing. In the case of data collected and processed through the software functions of a website, they are called Digital Databases.

Last update: (Privacy and Personal Data Policy), November 2022. Be Better Developers SAS.